Carrageenan is safe for health

The food-grade carrageenan has been invented by the joint FAO, World health organization, the expert committee on food additives called JECFA, which is an international panel of the expert toxicologists, who are responsible for review the data and develop the recommendations about the food ingredients. The JECFA found that the food grade carrageenan is safe food additive with no boundaries on its use in the food.

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The normal people may have heard about the health benefits of the carrageenan. Some of the websites in online may show that it was not safe for health. Whatever you must know that the sources of these websites are not reliable. There is a great chance for the presence of misinformation and misguided science details out of there. And it may be difficult to know the true about this ingredient.

The food-grade carrageenan has not found to be harmful at any time. It is faultlessly a safe ingredient which takes a main role play in the food preparation industry. Most of the foods you love to eat from the markets are not give a same taste without the carrageenan.

The misunderstanding arises from the fact that policeman, which is a foreign supplement used in the medical imaging may be referred as a carrageenan. The type found in the food is under graded to carrageenan, which is not put via any harsh preparations before it added into our food. It was simply extracted from the red seaweed in the mildest way as possible.

The under graded carrageenan, which is called as poligeenan at present is not safe to eat. The poligeenan is really put via a bath of harsh acid. Whereas many people may still refer it as a degraded carrageenan. This will gives the food-safe variety a bad name and will cause the unnecessary misunderstand about the carrageenan. But the true carrageenan is safe for health.

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