Carrageenan in kid’s products

The common name for carrageenan is polysaccharides which is extracted from certain kinds of red seaweed and used as one of the ingredients in most of the packed food items.

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The joint organisation of FAO and WHO expert committee for the food additives says that the carrageenan can be used in the kid’s products and as an ingredient in some kid’s medicines at a concentrations levels up to 10000 mg per liter without any worry.

The seaweed industry organization called Marinalg International suggest that the red seaweed- drivenadditivecan be used in the infant’sformula to get a remarkable positive impact on the product, including ensuring vital nutrients remain stable and available to infants.

The intake of carrageenan has givengastrointestinal problems sometimes, but the recent report of health organization says that “These new studies allay the earlier concerns that carrageenan, which is unlikely to be absorbed, may have a direct effect on the immature gut.”

They also reviewed the past toxicological database on carrageenan and says that the carrageenan has not indicated with any other toxicological concerns rather than gastrointestinal problems.

This research report also stated that the intake of carrageenan at concentrations higher than 2,500 milligrams per kilogrambecomes highly gelatinous in the kid’s formulas, which will inversely affect the palatability and growth of the children.

The health committee promises that there is changeability in the medical condition of the children’s requires a formula for some special medical medicines which contains ahigh level of carrageenan in it. And also it was noted that the children who undergo the medicine contain the carrageenan has only good impacts with their health.

As a conclusion of this, the food graded carrageen can be used as aningredient in daily food, which gives positive results on the kid’s health.

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